unmounting of fat/ntfs mountpoints before suspend to disk

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unmounting of fat/ntfs mountpoints before suspend to disk


I have following tips for optimization:
1. if i want my notebook suspend to disk, message telling
"Process ... is accessing an ntfs/fat mountpoint. Please make sure fat/ntfs
mountpoints are unmountable before proceeding. Invoked from script.
This is ver bothering, because everytime one want to leave his/her machine
suspended, he/she has to wait and click through all the message windows
(the user is usually delayed 10 s)!
The dialogue should contain an option "do not show again" and instructions,
where to change it back (so that the system is always asking before
If some clever developer implemented this feature, it would spare a lot
of time. By the way, this should get feature of every such asking checkpoint...

Best regards,

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