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Leap 15.0 removal notice in KDE: repositories 0 replies opensuse-kde
Re: KDE: projects not being built for 15.2, but still for 15.0 0 replies opensuse-kde
Re: Not working expiry in KMail 1 reply opensuse-kde
Re: Bug in calendar synchronization with ownCloud/NextCloud 0 replies opensuse-kde
KDE4 & Qt4 removal notice 3 replies opensuse-kde
Re: Adding liquidshell to KDE:Extra 1 reply opensuse-kde
KDE4 Status update (was: KDE4/Qt4 removal from openSUSE Factory) 2 replies opensuse-kde
Re: KDE4/Qt4 removal from openSUSE Factory 20 replies opensuse-kde
KDE4/Qt4 removal from openSUSE Factory 39 replies opensuse-kde
Re: Nvidia driver 384.98 + latest kernel 4.14.9-1 in TW 15 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Dropping Qt4 WebKit 1 reply opensuse-kde
Re: Dropping Qt4 WebKit 2 replies opensuse-kde
Re: KDE:Qt5 repositories broken AGAIN 0 replies opensuse-kde
Re: *Updated* NVIDIA gfx driver RPMs available for Tumbleweed ... 10 replies opensuse-factory
Re: RFC: Dropping (for real) KTP from Applications 17.12 0 replies opensuse-kde