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Re: ERROR: No sufficient Category definition 4 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Using a provided *.sha256 file 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Using a provided *.sha256 file 2 replies opensuse-packaging
gstelement.h:55:27: fatal error: gst/gstconfig.h: No such file or directory 1 reply opensuse-factory
Re: Doc packages require devel packages? 2 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Leap vs. 13.2 package count (was: REQUEST implementing process...) 0 replies opensuse-factory
Re: How to tell Thumbleweed from Leap in the spec file? 5 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Why Leap does not have libopensync? 5 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Mirrors of 1 reply opensuse-factory
Re: E: xfdashboard 64bit-portability-issue /(0c82 0 replies opensuse-factory
E: xfdashboard 64bit-portability-issue /…/gmessages.h:382 31 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Wrong result from zypper verify 0 replies opensuse-kde
Re: no kernel-desktop? 0 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Has kernel-desktop been replaced by kernel-base? 10 replies opensuse-factory
Re: How to change _service 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: How to change _service 1 reply opensuse-packaging
Re: Conditional BuildRequire 2 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: i2pd not build in Factory 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Publishing problems 0 replies opensuse-buildservice
Publishing problems 2 replies opensuse-buildservice
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