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Re: gnome password dialog changes 0 replies opensuse-factory
gnome password dialog changes 8 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Project area for fish 0 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: Project area for fish 3 replies opensuse-buildservice
Finally MySQL client libs under LGPL 0 replies opensuse-factory
Planned maintenance downtime December 1st 2012 0 replies opensuse-announce
Re: Status of systemd vs sysvinit, xinetd, syslog 2 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Under used devel project lua 0 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: Proposal for 12.3: Drop sysinit V 0 replies opensuse-factory
Re: How to distinguish SLE 11 service packs? 3 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: OBS server maintance? 2 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: OBS server maintance? 7 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: project for snapper 0 replies opensuse-buildservice
SSL cert update for hosts in Nuremberg 0 replies opensuse-announce
SSL cert update for hosts in Nuremberg 1 reply opensuse-buildservice
Re: Enhancement packaging policy / gobject introspection bindings 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: [opensuse-web] Re: Security Alert 2 replies opensuse-wiki
Debian:backport-overlay and Ubuntu:backport-overlay 1 reply opensuse-buildservice
Re: Naming conventions for Python and Ruby packages 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Naming conventions for Python and Ruby packages 3 replies opensuse-packaging
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