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Expansion error on libavahi-* 1 reply opensuse-buildservice
Building KMP packages 2 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: couldn't launch gnome-settings-daemon after update to RC1 3 replies opensuse-factory
Permission denied error 1 reply opensuse-buildservice
Re: About dropped packages -- xmms 1 reply opensuse-factory
Re: Pidgin Error : Failed to execute child process "pidgin" (No such file or directory) 0 replies openSUSE community
Re: new cd1 gnome 0 replies opensuse-factory
X without xorg.conf; output hotplug 1 reply opensuse-factory
Re: GPL file location 10 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Small applet to check email 0 replies openSUSE community
Factory/i586 is out of date 0 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: Pidgin 0 replies openSUSE community
Re: GNOME? 1 reply opensuse-factory
Re: Firefox2 0 replies openSUSE community
Re: suggestion for new BS project: Emulators:Oldies 0 replies opensuse-buildservice
Re: openSUSE_Factory broken 1 reply opensuse-buildservice
Re: Gnome 2.18 0 replies openSUSE community
Re: Gnome 2.18 1 reply openSUSE community
Re: openSUSE_Factory broken 2 replies opensuse-buildservice
openSUSE_Factory broken 11 replies opensuse-buildservice
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