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Re: Fwd: openSUSE page Firefox has been changed by Guoyunhebrave 1 reply opensuse-wiki
Re: Next steps for Firefox on TW 2 replies opensuse-factory
Re: External Drive for a Backup - errors 3 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Update on patches upstream policy 2 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: openSUSE Leap 42.3 and flash-player 12 replies opensuse-factory
Re: zypper dup --no-recommends removes installed packages (split from Recommended and *-lang packages conflict) 1 reply opensuse-factory
All openSUSE wikis updated and moved home 1 reply opensuse-wiki
Re: Call for Review of Release Notes 6 replies opensuse-factory
Re: how to not skip a version when upgrading 2 replies opensuse-packaging
English openSUSE wiki updated and moved home 0 replies opensuse-wiki
Re: Issue with SONAME 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Re: Recommends for *-32bit - still needed? 0 replies opensuse-factory
Recommends for *-32bit - still needed? 7 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Upgrade gretl to upstream version dilemma 0 replies opensuse-packaging
Wiki update - second call for testing 0 replies opensuse-wiki
Re: Akregator looses feed list 0 replies opensuse-factory
Re: php5 drop 0 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Switching default python to Python 3 5 replies opensuse-factory
Re: Strange block 0 replies opensuse-wiki
Re: Run apps in Leap 42.3 1 reply opensuse-factory
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