password storage with kwallet used by svn client

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password storage with kwallet used by svn client

Stefan Vater

I am not sure if this is a bug which comes in (from upstream?) at some points
and then gets fixed again, or this has to do with my configuration:

I frequently use the command line svn client in konsole accessing subversion
repositories. A nice feature is that kwallet can be set to store the
passwords, so I do not have to retype it every time.

However, this seems to break sometimes after a szstem update and then after
some time it works again.

I have set
password-stores = kwallet,gnome-keyring
in my subversion config.

Furthermore, I use tumbleweed with KDE Applications and KDE Extra repos

Does anyone experience the same problem, and knows how to fix this? Do I have
to start some daemon? Any help is appreciated!


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