openSUSE Project Releases openSUSE 12.2

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openSUSE Project Releases openSUSE 12.2

Christopher Hofmann
openSUSE Project Releases openSUSE 12.2

Latest community distro delivers a reliable, modern platform with
improved performance and a polished user experience on top of an evolved

THE INTERNET, September 5, 2012 -- The openSUSE Project, a global open
source community, announced today the general availability of openSUSE
12.2. The latest release delivers a reliable, modern and easy to use
multi-purpose operating system with improved performance and a polished
user experience on top of an evolved infrastructure. openSUSE 12.2 is
the latest Linux distribution from the openSUSE project allowing users
and developers to benefit from free and open source software in
physical, virtual and cloud environments.

“openSUSE 12.2 is the shining result of 10 months of global
collaboration on Free Software,” said Jos Poortvliet, openSUSE Community
Manager for SUSE. “The community has again delivered an important update
for this long-established Linux Distribution, finding that exciting
sweet spot combining the cutting edge with dependability.”

openSUSE 12.2 brings performance enhancements with the latest kernel and
system libraries as well as adoption of newly matured distribution
technologies and polish to existing features.

Performance enhancements
openSUSE 12.2 leverages the latest distribution technologies to deliver
greater performance and speed. The latest capabilities of systemd 44
make booting quicker. The Linux kernel 3.4 introduces a faster storage
layer by preventing blocking of the system during large data transfers.
The updated GNU C Library (glibc) version 2.15, speeds up many
functions, especially on 64 bit systems. openSUSE ships with the latest
version of the cross-platform application framework, Qt 4.8.1, making
the desktop more fluid and responsive.

Evolution of infrastructure
openSUSE adopts the latest developments in Linux distribution technology
as they mature. GRUB2 is the default bootloader laying the foundation
for booting from LVM and btrfs partitions as well as support for UEFI
Secure Boot. Plymouth version provides flicker-free transitions
and attractive animations during bootup. openSUSE 12.2 begins the
process of revising and simplifying the UNIX filesystem hierarchy to
improve compatibility across distributions while also making it easier
for packagers and testers.

Polished features
openSUSE 12.2 delivers improvements to existing functionality to improve
the overall user experience. The popular btrfs filesystem includes
improved error handling and recovery tools, as well as the Snapper
snapshot tool, GNOME 3.4 brings smooth scrolling to all applications and
features a reworked System Settings and Contacts manager. KDE 4.8
includes a faster Dolphin file manager. XFCE 4.10 offers an enhanced
application finder.

In addition to the technical enhancements of openSUSE 12.2, the
documentation team has made a major revision of the reference manuals,
and has introduced changes to the authoring process to make it easier
for community contributors to write openSUSE documentation.

“We are proud of this release, maintaining the usual high openSUSE
quality standards.” says openSUSE Board member Andrew Wafaa. “Our growth
in the last two years means we have to work on scaling our processes.
We're looking forward to the upcoming openSUSE conference on October 20
to 23, 2012 in Prague to gather as a community and discuss how we can
evolve our current development in order to maintain quality while also
making it easier to learn and work together.”

For more details about the latest innovations in openSUSE 12.2 visit

Downloads can be found at


About openSUSE
The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of
Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux
distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly
manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.
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About SUSE
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