openSUSE Medical release and new leadership

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openSUSE Medical release and new leadership

Jos Poortvliet-5
Today, openSUSE news [1] brought the announcement of a new openSUSE Medical
[2] release and new leadership in the Medical project.

openSUSE Medical was started during the openSUSE Conference 2009 and had it's
first stable release in November 2010 based on openSUSE 11.3. A few days ago,
the new team lead Anastasios Rousinopoulos has made available the first beta
of openSUSE Medical 11.4 [3].

openSUSE Medical is now part of the Linux Medical Taskforce [4] and has
exciting plans for the future included  importing diabetes care and diabetics
applications, some educational applications for students and of course the
usual updates, bugfixes and translations.

The openSUSE medical project has been a success. The SUSE gallery image has
been downloaded well over 1400 times and was cloned by 162 users so they could
provide their own variations of openSUSE Medical!

The team is excited about the new release and especially looking forward to
input from medical professionals in the field. They would greatly appreciate
feedback from medical students and, physicians but also patients [5] to
further improve the software selection.

[5] contact the team via the mailinglist at
[hidden email]

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