openSUSE KDE Team Meeting - Wednesday June 1, 1400 UTC

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openSUSE KDE Team Meeting - Wednesday June 1, 1400 UTC

Will Stephenson-2
The sunny weather in Nuremberg is due to break, so what better way to
spend a rainy Wednesday afternoon than making KDE on openSUSE that
little bit better?  This means

The next openSUSE KDE Team meeting will be held on Wednesday June 1, at

To find out the time in your timezone, use:|

To be discussed:

* Remove SLE11, 11.2 and 11.3 from KDE:Unstable:Playground (krop)
Many packages in KUP are disabled for these flavors due to kdelibs and
other build dependencies being outdated to build packages.

* Status Plasmoid-networkmanagement (PNM) with regards to NetworkManager
0.9 (which will be knocking on Factory's door soon). (tittiatcoke)
* Time of the meeting. (tittiatcoke)
* Kill phonon-backend-xine (apachelogger)
* Revision the reloaded-page + package list for reloaded create and
publish: (Linuxsusefan)
* 12.1 features: scheduling for stability (cb400f)

Generic all-time topics:

old action items
status report
Q&A, misc
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