openSUSE KDE Team Meeting - Thursday 4th February, 17:00 UTC

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openSUSE KDE Team Meeting - Thursday 4th February, 17:00 UTC

Lubos Lunak
The next openSUSE KDE Team meeting will be held tomorrow,
Thursday 4th February, at 17:00 UTC.

The current list of scheduled topics is:

* old action items
* status report
* is bug 567851 - Dolphin Qt-dbus random crashes (Nepomuk integration)
('''backport ready''') - annoying enough to get some attention before KDE
4.3.4 is released as update?
* Non crashing, yet annoying bug that is fixed upstream already:  KIO is
failing to detect file(filelist) changes with Kernel 2.6.31 (inotify
reimplementation)  []
* Bug 220791 - strigiservice crashes while indexing ('''backport ready''')
* Bug 199325 - tasks widget crash in AbstractTaskItem::basicPreferredSize
('''backport ready''') - has a new fix for 4.3.5
* What to do with the upstream KDE 4.3.5 release?
* What to do with kcall/decibel/libQtTapioca/libQtTelepathy (this based on the
latest telepathy-qt4 updates)?
* Google Summer of Code 2010
* /KDE/Repositories cleanup and KDE:43 removal
* Please add other topics here as they come up
* Q&A, misc

Further items are welcome; please add them 

Please use
to get the time of the meeting in your time zone.

The meeting will happen in #opensuse-kde IRC channel on

You are welcome to join and participate!
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