openSUSE Elections 2016/2017 results

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openSUSE Elections 2016/2017 results

Martin Pluskal-2

It is my pleasure to announce results of openSUSE Board elections:
Aaron Luna 31 votes
Sarah Julia Kriesch 66 votes
Christian Boltz 71 votes
Andrew Wafaa 52 votes

Thus, new members of openSUSE Board are Sarah Julia Kriesch and
Christian Boltz, taking place of Michal Hrusecky and Kosta Koudaras  I
would like to use this opportunity to thank all members for voting,
candidates for standing for elections and last but not least Michal and
Kosta for doing great job while serving in openSUSE board.

Special thanks goes to Michal for helping with elections while stepping
down from elections.

Have a lot of fun

Martin Pluskal

P.S voting poll is yet to be deactivated, but as votes have been counted
trying to use it will have no effect.

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