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openSUSE Board 2018 Elections

Chuck Payne
This that time of year again. There will be 3 seats to be elected, all
for a standard 2 year term:

1/ 2018-02-26(Phase 0)

Announcement of the openSUSE Board election for 2018.
Start of 3 week period to apply for an openSUSE membership (in order to
vote or candidate).
Start of 3 week phase to stand for a position in the openSUSE Board.

2/ 2018-03-11

Notification of intent to run, and application for an openSUSE
membership close (end of phase 0).

3/ 2018-03-12(Phase 1)

Start of campaign for the candidates before the ballots open (campaign
might be done until ballots close).

4/ 2018-04-2 (Phase 2)

Ballots open: Please cast your vote here!

5/ 2018-04-13

Ballots close (end of phase 2)

6/ 2018-04-16

Announcement of the results

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