openSUSE Art Team Meeting - Tuesday 9th February, 13:00 UTC

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openSUSE Art Team Meeting - Tuesday 9th February, 13:00 UTC

Javier Llorente-2
Hello everybody,

The next openSUSE Art Team meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th of
February at 13:00 UTC in #opensuse-artwork IRC channel on

Current list of topics to be discussed:

* Status update of having 
* Which tool to use for idea-task-sharing tool for o.o internally in the team
(includes tasks added by others+tasks added by the team)
* Status update of including extra wallpapers on the distribution.
* Prepare the creation of extra wallpaper package in obs:/artwork/wallpapers.
name of the package? candidate wallpapers?
 * Process for requesting artwork: Bugzilla and/or opensuse-artwork?
* Polls to get feedback and prioritizing work: which poll system are we going
to use?

Feel free to add other topics on

Please use
to get the time of the meeting in your time zone.

Not familiar with IRC? Take a look at

You are welcome to join in and participate!

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