openSUSE ARM 12.2 RC1 is out!

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openSUSE ARM 12.2 RC1 is out!

Jos Poortvliet-5
openSUSE is pleased to announce the first Release Candidate for openSUSE
12.2 on the ARM architecture. Since the openSUSE Conference in 2011, the
openSUSE ARM team has managed to bring up openSUSE ARM from nothing to a
truly usable and functional distribution on the ARM version 7 architecture.

Andrew Wafaa, who continues to be heavily involved in the openSUSE-on-ARM
initiative and now works for the UK CPU designer, remarks: "It was a fast
and hard ride. Supporting a new architecture is always a lot of work,
especially one as diverse and versatile as ARM's, but with the right tools
and the right help it is possible to do it in record time!"

*Hardware and device support*
This release focusses on ARMv7 with the Cortex-A profile from ARM Ltd. Due
to the complicated landscape of ARM devices, only a subset is supported at
the moment: Texas Instruments’ OMAP3 & OMAP4, Marvell ArmadaXP 510 and
Freescale I.MX51; the supported devices running with these SoCs are the
Beagleboard, Beagleboard-xM, Pandaboard, Pandaboard-ES and the EfikaMX
smarttop/smartbook. There is also an image for the VersatileExpress which is
suitable for use in Qemu as well as a generic root file system tarball that
users and developers may use to help bring up unsupported devices.

*More information*
Downloads can be found at [1]. Find information about supported boards at
[2] and how-to's at [3]. If you'd like to get involved in the openSUSE ARM
efforts, read [4] and have a look at our tasks on Trello [5].

Most collaboration takes place through the [hidden email] mailing
list and the IRC channel #opensuse-arm on

The team builds upon OBS, Qemu and KIWI as main technologies and is
for the support and sponsorship from Texas Instruments/Pandaboard Project,
Genesi,ARM and the wider openSUSE Community.

Find the the openSUSE News article with more details at

About openSUSE
The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of
Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux
distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly
manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.
For more information, visit


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