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openSUSE 42.3 on AWS

Robert Schweikert-6

Sorry for breaking the thread :(

> Back in August of 2017, it was announced that Leap 42.3 would be
> available in the AWS Marketplace.
> Since then I have periodically checked, but there is no Leap 42.3 AMI
> available. Support is ending for Leap 42.2 at the end of this week.

Well there was a complete communication breakdown with the AWS
Marketplace team. We recently tied to figure out what happened back in
August but couldn't. Anyway, with the Spectre/Meltdown issues a new
image was created and handed over to the Marketplace team last week. I
will follow up on the status in a couple of days. If we do not get this
into Marketplace this week I will punt and publish the image such that
it shows up in the "Community Images" section.


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