openSUSE 11.4 RC2 Steps Out

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openSUSE 11.4 RC2 Steps Out

Andreas Jaeger-5
With red carpets rolling out in Hollywood, you’d expect some applause for the
openSUSE 11.4 RC2 release, which has now gone live ahead of 11.4 proper. But
with much of the hard work going in behind the scenes, this superb release
candidate isn’t getting the fanfare it deserves. The recent Bug Squashing day
saw 132 bugs updated so few serious issues remain. Improvements in the
‘backend’ work includes some tweaks to Wifi supplicant and drivers, and a host
of small fixes across the distribution which enhance stability and
performance. The addition of MediaCurl backend with zsync support to libzypp
iut is already being noticed. openSUSE user and forum member Pier Andreit
comments that “YaST install/remove software is a thunderbolt!”

The transition from to LibreOffice still has a few minor
documentation blips but more importantly, users should be cautious. The raft
of new functionality has created a few specific issues, such as loss of data
in tables. Though not quite ready for the production environment, user
feedback is critical for smoothing performance and reliability.

KDE SC 4.6 is also running beautifully though 32 BIT nVidia users may have a

If you’d like to help add the final touches of celebrity glam prior to the
‘big event’ of 11.4 release, download it here
( and check out the most annoying bugs

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