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nvidia questions

 I am using suse 10.1 fully updated and I have a nvidia 5700 card. I am using
the nvidia drivers version 1.0.8762. I also have a dual monitor setup with
twinview with a res on each monitor of 1280x1024. On most of the distros I
have used i can push at least a 70hz refresh but with suse I have not been
able to get the rates that high. Am I missing something in my conifg maybe ?

 Also when playing a game such as ut99, Enemy Territory, or ut2004, My res is
at 1280x1024 and with the game settings at 1024x768 and fullscreen mode the
games do not go fullscreen. I have never had this problem before either. Is
anyone else experiencing these problems and have you been able to fix them,


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