need advice to fix "zypper up" conflicts

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need advice to fix "zypper up" conflicts

Konstantin Voinov

I'm "maintainer" of papirus-icon-theme in OBS
Some times ago upstream did made changes in directory structure, they
changed some symlinks to dirs, and some symlinks to files.
Now I have conflict warning with zypper up during "checking for
conflicts" stage, but rpm -Uhv says nothing.

>> File /usr/share/icons/Papirus/24x24/actions/zoom-previous.svg
>>   from install of
>>      papirus-icon-theme-20171005-1.noarch (Plain RPM files cache)
>>   conflicts with file
>>      /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Light/24x24/actions/zoom-previous.svg
>>   from install of
>>      papirus-icon-theme-20171005-1.noarch (Plain RPM files cache)
>> File conflicts happen when two packages attempt to install files with
>> the same name but different contents. If you continue, conflicting
>> files will be replaced losing the previous content.
>> Continue? [yes/no] (no):

Strange to me, names of conflicting packages are same.

I've tried fix this by adding %pretrans section with checking for such
symlinks presence and remove them if so. But I guess zypper doesn't care
about %pretrans, just simple compare list of files in packages (hope i'm

>> if [ -h %{_datadir}/icons/Papirus-Light/16x16 ]; then
>>         rm -f %{_datadir}/icons/Papirus-Light/16x16
>> fi

Would appreciate if someone tell me where to dig.
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