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important: to all devel:languages:python package maintainers

todd rme
You may have received an email from me yesterday regarding your status
as a python package maintainer. As part of a general cleanup of
openSUSE's python packages, we are checking whether the maintainers of
packages in devel:languages:python would like to continue in that

This email is being sent to all maintainers, even
devel:languages:python project maintainers, regardless of how active
they have been. It is not meant to reflect on anyone's contributions.

Note that perfectly fine to choose to remain maintainer of some
packages but not others.

The following email addresses have been marked undeliverable:

[hidden email]
[hidden email]
[hidden email]
[hidden email]
[hidden email]
[hidden email]
[hidden email]

If one or more of these email addresses belongs to you, please contact
me. Also, if you think you may be the maintainer of a
devel:languages:python package and haven't received an email, please
double-check your status.

If we have not heard back from someone in two weeks (Tuesday, May 16),
we will assume that person is no longer interested in being a

Changes to maintainer status are not necessarily permanent. If you
miss one of these email messages or change your mind at a future date,
you can request the maintainer role again with a note about your
previous maintainer status.

Thank you for your time and hard work.

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