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devel:languages:python prjconf update request

Matwey V. Kornilov

python-Django package has been split into python-Django (branch 2.x
python3 only) and python-Django1 (branch 1.11 with python2 support) and
unfortunately this requires the following changes in prjconf:

Prefer: python-Django1
Prefer: python2-Django1

Justification: python-Django1 provides and obsoletes python-django (mind
lowercase, it was old Django package name), then some packages are
unresolved in "have choice" state. One of the packages comes from d:l:e,
other - from 'standard' distribution. Moreover, there is possible
python2-Django choice clash between python-Django (from 'standard') and

For instance:

Substitute: python-Django python2-Django

Justification: python-Django1 does not provide python-Django. Currently,
packages BuildRequiring python-Django fetch the package from 'standard'
distribution. Which is not obvious by itself. Moreover, not always
required version is available.

For instance, openSUSE Leap 42.3 has python-Django = 1.8.4 while >= 1.10
is required:

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