black screen after changing user with change user dialogue or with ttyn

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black screen after changing user with change user dialogue or with ttyn

Stakanov Schufter
The machine:
Asus M5A97EVO R2.0 with AMD FX4300 and an Nvidia Gforce 7300 GS/PCIe
OpenGL 2.1.2 Nvidia 304.137
Xserver resolution is 1440x900
DPI has not been changed.
OS is Leap 42.3 (updated from 13.2 to 42.2 to 42.3).
Os is running stable, no greater problems but one annoyance
When you log out the session and log in another user no problem.
When you log in to another session without logging out the user, the situation
or you see a black screen with cursor when coming back to the original
session. This independently if using ttyn or using the dialogue of "change
user" in plasma. The second user session remains viable for a while when
changing back with ttyn. When you switch back for two times, the second open
user shows "deteriorating screen". That is black lines behind the icon names
that are prodromic ot the user finally crashing after further switches.

I have already put both user on xrender as Plasma 5 with this card crashes
openGL and deactivates it when restarting the machine. So the openGL driver of
nvidia "should" not be responsible.
I tried Nouveau, but then the screen is already at boot up "black with
cursor". So, the proprietary driver seems the only chance.

I would be happy to receive tips and hints how to restore multi users setting
in this machine. Of course if you know that this is a known limitation of 42.3
that e.g. will be fixed upstream, please let me know.

I checked xsession errors and also journalctl -r but........ no pertinent
voice of a crash seems to be there.

Waiting for some suggestion or info.
Thank you in advance.

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