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Wiki update - second call for testing

Christian Boltz-5

[cross-post - please reply only on one of the mailinglists]

A month after the first call for testing the updated wiki, here is
another one ;-)

Compared to the "old" test wiki [1], there were a few changes:
- the test wiki is now running on the final VMs that will also be used
  for the production wiki
- login is now done with the Auth_remoteuser extension (which means we
  can continue to use the "nice" login form)
- the test wiki is now based on a (nearly) up-to-date snapshot of the
  english wiki
- several changes "under the hood", including automated setup of the VMs
  and the wikis with salt, some extension updates, config tuning etc.
- oh, and the wiki VMs are already running openSUSE Leap 42.3 :-)

That all said - the test wiki is waiting for you at

Please check if everything still works, play with it, test the new
features, ...! It is a test instance, so nobody will complain if you do
test edits that don't make sense content-wise

At the same time, remember that it is a test instance, so any changes
you do will be lost when I re-import the database dump for whatever

If you notice any issues, please report them - either in one of the
mailinglists (opensuse-wiki preferred) or send a mail to
[hidden email]

If nothing terrible happens, I plan to update next week.

If you enjoyed testing the new wiki, please also take some time to go to
our current wiki ( or $ - there are
lots of pages that need an update  ;-)

And finally - thanks to everybody who helped me to get everything in


Christian Boltz

[1] See for the list of changes
    compared to the current production wikis.
    It's probably more impressive than the list in this mail ;-)

The real crime is that I'm not allowed to marry my database.

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