Tumbleweed - Review of the Week 2015/25

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Tumbleweed - Review of the Week 2015/25

Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar

Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

During this week, Tumbleweed has been undergoing major work, which  
resulted in only one minor snapshot being released into the wild  
(20150612 hit the mirrors on Monday). Most changes were further  
preparations for GCC 5, which brings me to the actual, big news for  
this week:

* GCC 5 has been checked in to be the default compiler collection for  
Tumbleweed from now on.

Due to the nature of a compiler switch, the entire distribution (>  
8000 source packages) are being rebuilt. A lengthy process that is  
currently still ongoing.
As expected, the number of build failures went up a lot (as described  
in the past, the staging areas only rebuild a subset of packages,  
namely the ones that are shipped on the DVD; doing the full repository  
in stagings would be unrealistic, ,due to build power constraints).

So, beloved hackers, your help is now needed to get the number of  
failed packages down again. In the last couple days I tried to mark  
the failures in the status screen [0] with some information on what  
could go wrong. Start your engines, branch as much as you can, fix the  
builds and submit them back to the devel projects and back into  
Tumbleweed. Let's show the world how fast we can get this back to  
'normal' numbers of failures.

Christian was kind enough to post in  
http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2015-06/msg00281.html the  
most common issues you might encounter and some word of advice to get  
the issues fixed. Also, a lot of upstreams have been fixing their  
codes already, so an update might be worthy to look at. Last, but not  
least, Fedora also performed the switch in preparation for their next  
release (F23) and you might as well borrow patches from there.

Should you have problems with some packages, reach out to the larger  
community for help.

[0] https://goo.gl/7EuFdQ

Cheers, and always remember: have a lot of fun

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