The openSUSE Project welcomes Jos Poortvliet as new Community Manager

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The openSUSE Project welcomes Jos Poortvliet as new Community Manager

Andreas Jaeger-5

We’re proud to announce today that Jos Poortvliet will join the openSUSE
project and Novell as openSUSE Community Manager starting on August 1. With
Jos we’ve found a leader with excellent community building experience
combined with a very welcoming nature, many fresh, promising ideas and a
strong drive to grow the openSUSE Project. Jos holds a degree in
Organisational Psychology from the University of Utrecht and has gained
valuable experience in several professional roles ranging from Project
Manager at KPN to Service Level Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland. Last but
not least, Jos is a leading member of the KDE Marketing Team and has helped
Akademy and the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit attract a vibrant and
collaborative audience.

Jos commented, “The opportunity to become part of the international
openSUSE community is very exciting. There are a great number of
interesting developments going on in the free software world, and openSUSE
plays a major role in many of them. I look forward to working with the
community on these, helping it grow, finding new directions and ways of
developing, and delivering its innovative technologies to users and
developers around the world.”

We enthusiastically welcome Jos and look forward to his working with the
openSUSE community to shape the future of the openSUSE project. After his
start he will be deeply involved in the openSUSE conference, other
community events and activities, and of course he will have the pleasure of
promoting openSUSE wherever possible.

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