Statement Regarding the openSUSE Board Election

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Statement Regarding the openSUSE Board Election

Richard Brown
Due to the technical issues with duplicating
names on the candidate list for the election while simultaniously
removing some others, the Board election remains on hold.

Satisfactorily debugging the root cause of the problems has proven to
be impossible. The volunteers working on this investigation were
hidered by a temporary outage of the MySQL database during the time
they had available for their investigation.
While all tests seem to suggest is working
satisfactorily at the moment, there is insufficient confidence that it
can be trusted for the next Board election.

We have wanted to replace for some while, but
despite this desire no one has stepped up with a viable alternative.
As we need to elect a new board with some urgency, we do not have the
luxury of time to continue waiting.

Therefore Martin Pluskal will be urgently investigating the use of an
alternative service for this particular election, such as
SurveyMonkey. As only openSUSE Members can vote, this will likely
require using the email addresses in to email
members and direct them with an individual, one-time-use, link to the

Martin will provide the details once his investigations into suitable
tools is complete.
Meanwhile you can help by ensuring your email address details are
correct in

Please go to and login and then click on
your username then "Edit Profile" (or go to$USERNAME/edit/ but replacing
$USERNAME with your username)

Please then check/edit/correct your Email in your connect profile.

Once this election is complete, Tomas Chvatal and anyone else willing
to help will be needed to find a suitable replacement for for voting. We require both a voting platform
(eg. Helios - and a suitable replacement
database and process for approving openSUSE Members.

Thank you - The openSUSE Board
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