SFW2-INext-ACC-TCP messages appearing virtual terminals

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SFW2-INext-ACC-TCP messages appearing virtual terminals


When I switch to any virtual terminal I get firewall messages appearing
randomly. They do appear being logged or not and at any time. I can see the
same messages in the dmesg output and I don't know how to disable this thing.
Messages have the form:

[<time>] SFW2-INext-ACC-TCP IN=... OUT=<nothing-here> MAC=... SRC=... DST=...
LEN=... TOS=... PREC=... TTL=... ID=... DF PROTO=TCP SPT=... DPT=...
WINDOW=... RES=... SYN URGP=... OPT (<variable-lenght-number>)

There are many entries like that in the dmesg output (more than a hundred per
hour). This machine is configured as a DHCP+SSH+NFS server for the internal
network (only one computer :D). Any hints?


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