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It was terribly out of date. I noted the general inapplicability of Xorg
"configuration", and did some cutting and updating, such as replacing instances
of 11.3 with Leap and/or Tumbleweed, nv with amdgpu, and run level 3 with Also bug references I changed from to Most significant addition relates to significance of using
nomodeset and the availability of Xorg's integrated modesetting driver.

I didn't have any luck trying to match current release note and other doc
references to the obsolete ones that need to be excised or updated.

Much more is needed. I can't do the things related to proprietary NVidia drivers
or to Grub2 menus, both of which I never use. I could do more, but I need a
rest, and would be able to continue if the Grub2 and NVidia parts were
reasonably current.
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