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Reminder: Weekly News Team Meeting

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The next openSUSE Weekly News meeting will take place tomorrow  
(Saturday January 16) at 14:30 UTC. As always, the meeting will be held
in IRC on the #opensuse-newsletter channel on Freenode.

Please add your topics to the meeting wiki page at:

We using for our Meeting the Meetbot. Please check for the commands.

Please add topics as soon as possible. Also, if you have questions for
the meeting, but can't attend (we know that the meeting times can't work
for everyone) please add them to the agenda as well.

For more on IRC meetings, see:

As always, we meet in #opensuse-newsletter on Freenode. Fire up your
favorite IRC client and head over to #opensuse-newsletter.

Not familiar with IRC? A good overview can be found at This
site is not affiliated with openSUSE. For more information on Freenode,

Wondering what meeting times are? Check the openSUSE Meetings page. All
project meetings and team meetings should be listed there.

on IRC meetings, see:

Sincerely yours

Sascha Manns
openSUSE Member
openSUSE Ambassador
openSUSE Marketing Team
openSUSE Build Service

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