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Frank Sundermeyer
On Thu, 30 Sep 2010 07:57:52 +1000 Helen wrote:


> I like the idea of a 'go to' book but understood that this was the
> function of the wiki. Do I have the wrong impression?
> Duplicaton of effort is a bad idea, but I do like having the 'best and
> most current' readily available.
> A related issue is navigation and SEO of existing material. For
> instance, a search for 'install nvidia drivers opensuse' and this page
> is first
> or by clicking through the portal I find this
> (nice 'one click' for
> newbies)
> which page do we want new users to land on?
> Having another book is no good if a user doesn't think to read it, or
> doesn't find it when they google a question.

good points. It's not only about not finding it, it's also about
finding several different writings on one topic from one source
(openSUSE). The same topic (NVIDIA) is also extensively covered on the
forums with a HowTo.
Whatsmore at least three different openSUSE people are maintaining
documents about the same topic. What a waste of resources.

So IMHO centralising is the way to go instead of forking. If every
writing has a single source, it doesn't matter if there are several
hits in Google, since they all will say the same. If every document has
a single source, ppl can work _together_ on this document to make it
the one HowTo for openSUSE that answers all questions.


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