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Frank Sundermeyer

oops, address typo in the initial mail

On Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:59:56 +0200 Jos Poortvliet wrote:


> On Wednesday 29 September 2010 20:27:11 Javier Llorente wrote:
> > Hello there,
> >
> > I was thinking that having an openSUSE Handbook (or handbuch ;) in
> > pdf format ready to be downloaded, printed and even ready to be
> > sent to a publishing company is a good idea.

> Ambitious, but a good idea. We can do the writing either on the wiki
> or in piratepads (but piratepad has been acting up lately, I really
> really hope someone feels like setting up an Etherpad for openSUSE).

I am not convinced.

* Javier's idea was to produce documentation in different output formats
  - at least HTML and PDF. I would like to add ePUB and ASCII.
* It was pointed out that there different projects producing and/or
  reusing openSUSE documentation
* There is a need to be able to share the documentation

All this does not sound like a wiki or *pad is the tool of choice.
Once you choose to use these tools it is pretty hard or even
impossible to switch to another tool, to add another output format, to
reuse existing files in different documents (having a single source to

I would propose XML hosted on SVN. Although the learning curve would
be a bit stepper than with e.g. wiki markup it would give us the maximum
flexibilty and a guaranteed future. Whatsmore, the existing
documentation (speaking of almost 2000 pages!!) already uses XML.

Apart from that, even if XML would be no choice at all, why using
another tool apart from our wiki? What's wrong with
(apart from the search ;-)) ?

Plans to host the complete openSUSE documentation in a public SVN at
berlios exist for quite some time, the structure is already in place,
everything is prepared... .

> ... and get ppl to write...

That will be the hardest part. How many _regular contributors_ (not
speaking of ppl doing administrative tasks) do we have in the wiki?


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