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Kim Leyendecker-3
On 24.12.2011 12:53, Rajko M. wrote:

> On Saturday, December 24, 2011 11:26:46 AM Istvan Gabor wrote:
> ...
>>> Because everybody expects that someone else takes boring task of writing
> ...
>> I find SDB much less user-friendly than before.
>> For example earlier SDB had a page when all the titles of
>> the published SDB articles were listed in chronological
>> order. It was easier to find a specific article by browsing
>> that page than searching with the 'search sdb' option now.
> ...
>> So it would be very good to make available all the published
>> SDB articles (the titles only of course with links to the articles)
>> on one page again, including _all_ articles in chronological order,
>> no matter how old they are.
> Not imposible, I did some kind of index in now old wiki, as a
> but as stated above, everybody expects that someone else will take the time
> and create that index.
> There is no others. Others that created and maintained that old S.u.S.E.
> database either don't work for SUSE, or work in completely different areas.
> We, users are left alone and have to take care of documents that we need, from
> creating those that we need, maintaining them (fixing errors and updating with
> new development), to taking care that we can find them when we need them.
> On a side note, time based sort is only one of many that can be applied. Some
> readers will rememeber few words from the title, so they will need search, or
> sort by keywords. Keywords and key phrases can be listed in a wiki article in
> in a [[Category:<keyword>]], and later you can create browsing trees that will
> give you article in a few steps. But, someone has to make them. There is no
> others, it is you, me, or anybody with login that has to take time and fix
> little bit of this, little bit of that, and one day there will be, surprise,
> good wiki, like wikipedia.
> Anybody that has login for forums, bugzilla, build service, or any other site
> in domain, can log in with that into wiki and ork on it.
> Although, it is better to read a bit first:
> as it will save some time. Also, don't take too much time to understand all
> details that are written, but rather be flexible and ready to take advice from
> those that spent and still spending a lot of their free time maintaining wiki.
> We have some nice tools in a new wiki, like CategoryTree that can list, as the
> name tells, wiki categories in a tree layout, but also it can list categories
> and pages, or only pages in some category. There is also many other tools,
> some with similar scope, some for different purpose, that make wiki editing
> much easier then in the old wiki.
>> Istvan

I guess this is also relevant to the openSUSE documentation team, since
a wiki is some kind of good documentation. Maybe they can give better

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