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Marcus Meissner
On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 10:55:28AM +0200, Marcel Hilzinger wrote:

> Reiser4 was dropped from 10.1. What about 10.2
> As namesys has a lot of (non technical) problems with some members of the
> kernel-list, they need support from the community to get reiser4 really
> adopted. I think Suse should still be willing to support new stuff, not as
> Red Hat.
> Reiser4 is now quite stable (not mission critical, but stable). For 4.1beta
> the compression plugin will give reiser4 double speed with half diskspace.
> Even the support of xattr seems now to be possible.
> So I would like to see reiser4 back in Suse -- at least with kmp-packages, if
> not included in the installer.

Feel free to add some for the buildservice for testing...

Ciao, Marcus

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