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Bugzilla from
On Friday 04 August 2006 00:19, John Andersen wrote:

> On Thursday 03 August 2006 14:01, Ted Harding wrote:
> > As we know, the proportion of spam junk in the list
> > archives is high. For example, out of almost 400 messages
> > this month, some 175 are spam (44%).
> Not true.
> They say SPAM in the subect due to some overly aggressive tagging by the
> list hosting machine.  But they are not in fact spam.  Look at them
> and you will see.

Huh? I suppose you misunderstood. ;)

As I understand it, Ted is talking about spam in the list's *archives*, not
about spam in list's *emails we get sent*.

(BTW, you're correct about SPAM in the Subject, but, as you might understand
now, that's a different subject :P)




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