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Re: - NO news ? what's going on with super ?

Fernando Simon
Hi folks,
    No news? SUPER was closed? Migrate for..? Are you alive Andreas?
    Best regards

Fernando Simon

jdd wrote:

> Rudi Pittman wrote:
>> My understanding is that the creator of Super moved onto other
>> projects..this project has basically languished since Suse 10 final
>> came out last october.   That is sad because his 1 cd installs were
>> quite nice.
>> Please reply to the list and not to my email as all email sent to my
>> from address is automatically deleted.
> on this list, the return path is setup to the list, so no problem
> to speak of SUPER/SLICK my problem is that I don't know where to find
> doc on what have been done previously. I will lirk for archives soon :-)
> jdd

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