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Thomas Schraitle-2
Hi Zoran,

(CC to opensuse-doc so other might help or have a solution.)

On Monday 18 December 2006 23:53, zoran korac wrote:
> I'm very glad that you started this service, I think that this will
> encourage many other users to continue using opensuse

Thanks, we hope so. :) The lack of sufficient documentation is and was
always an urgent need, IMHO.

> I did even started,'coz I can not install Lfl , I did exactly as
> instructed on your website  Software=>Installation
> source=>add=>HTTP=>server name:
> Directory of server: download/home:/thomas-schraitle/openSuSE_10.2
> <= in my case.
> But it did not work, then I notice that you have " : " after home
> directory. I thought that could be type mistake, so tried with out

The colon is part of the filename, it's not a typo.

> is it, it did not help, than I tried to without download in option
> Directory server, No go. Than without software option in Server
> name field. No go
> Than I tried to install as HTTPS;FTP; en rest of server type
> options, same. No go. I even tried with login option for
> in place of anonimus that did't help eider.
> I always get same message: Unable to create installation source
> Unknown server type:
Yesterday I installed it on my workstation at home and it worked.
Please try it with a colon again. Maybe there was some connection

Did others have the same problem?

> Please note that I have succeed to install updates, from FTP
> servers at and and this works fine.
> Am I the only one that complains about this?

Yes, at the moment. ;)

Best wishes,

Thomas Schraitle

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Maxfeldstrasse 5           /\\   Documentation Specialist
90409 Nuernberg, Germany  _\_v
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