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Re: Additional Firefox windows always starts on the same desktop

Randall Schulz

On Friday 04 August 2006 09:52, DataIntellect wrote:

> Hi List;
> I have a strange firefox issue. If I start firefox on desktop  one
> (in KDE) and later want to start other instances of firefox from say
> desktop 2 or desktop3,  the desktop always switches back to desktop 1
> (or where the first firefox window is opened) and firefox opens
> there.  I can right click on the firefox titlebar and choose "to
> desktop" to move it.
> Any thoughts?

Perhaps you configured a KDE Window preference that places windows with
the class assigned to Firefox on that virtual desktop. I do this for
certain applications.

To check, you can view the "Special Window Settings" via the "Advanced"
sub-menu of the window control menu (right click on the title bar to
see the window control menu). In the Geometry tab there is a setting
called "Desktop" that can be used to default (even to force) a (class
of) window(s) to a specific virtual desktop.

You can also view all established Special Window Settings in one place
in the KDE Control Center in the "Desktop" category
under "Window-Specific Settings".

> Thanks in advance...

Randall Schulz

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