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Re: 10.1 kdetv doesn't remember channel tuning SOLVED

Lew Wolfgang
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Hi Folks,

I found the problem.  The channel wizard scanned the
tuner as Video4Linux2, but when kdetv started up it
selected Video4Linux.  I just changed the default to
Video4Linux2 and the problem went away.  Note that I
probably messed up the default in the first place.

Everything else seems solid now.

Lew Wolfgang

Lew Wolfgang wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I've installed 10.1, both iso and boxed, on a number of
> servers without problems, except for the on-line update
> business, of course.  Now, I've installed the boxed set
> on an Opteron desktop and so far have encountered only
> one problem with kdetv.
> Kdetv works when first fired up with a WinTV (haupague)
> tuner after a channel scan is performed (ntsc/us-cable).
> However, upon subsequent logins the channels loose their
> "tune".  All scanned channels suffer the effect, which
> is like they are all offset from their correct carrier
> frequencies to the point where audio is lost and the
> video degraded.  If another "Wizard" Channel Scan is
> run, they all lock in until the next time.  The channel
> numbers and labels are remembered.
> Has anyone else seen this?
> Regards,
> Lew Wolfgang

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