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RPM groups: Dev/Libraries or Dev/Languages or both

Jan Engelhardt-4

Currently, more than one category is in circulation for a particular
language environment provided by the distribution, specifically I
noticed this with

factory# grep Development/Languages/Python *spec | wc -l
factory# grep Development/Libraries/Python *spec | wc -l

(It also happens for some others like Perl, Haskell, ...)

There was a little discussion off the side previously, psimons made a
comment, if I understood it right, is that one could be used for tooling
and the other for modules.

His comment seems valid to me in principle, as we do make the difference
for C and C++, where the tooling usually lands in Development/Tools/*
and modules in Development/Libraries/C and C++.

However, the difference between "Languages/Py" and "Libraries/Py" seems
too small that it could make a difference - or stating the problem
differently: "would the user know the difference between the two?"
Should we preferably just use a single RPM group?

Reaching out to see what people think..
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