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Achim Klausmann
Hi there,

any activity here?

I have some question about Documentation sites. /Support/Dokumentation
points out to

These documents for example point out to

The EPUBs here i can read with calibre and on my offline ebook reader.

The books from
are partially not accessible.

If i choose 'PDF version' there is no action,
if i choose 'EPUB version' i can read this in calibre for example,
but not on my offline ebook reader.

I contacted the manufacturer ODYS and they said this is not a real
EPUB, only websites.

I'm no a programmer but i tried to open it
with sigil and got a warning that the lines 2 an 3 are not correct.

Which version is described here in activedoc , opensuse 13.1, 13.2 ?
If only one version is described here where are the older ones?

the version 12.3 is not listed, bad.

An IRC channel listed here
is ot available anymore?

So, it's hard to get a information on these nested websites
for a non-programmer.
Over the years i tried to get in and contribute something
to documentation or translation but there to much obstacles.

It would be nice to make it easier.

Best reagrds

Alkohol löst keine Probleme,
aber das macht ja Milch auch nicht.
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