Qt 5.11 RC, KDE:Unstable, Krypton and Tumbleweed

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Qt 5.11 RC, KDE:Unstable, Krypton and Tumbleweed

Luca Beltrame
ever since the first tarballs of Qt 5.11 development snapshots were available,
we started building the KDE:Unstable hierarchy in OBS against them.
It's also staged for Factory already, uncovering several build failures in
Yast, VLC, Wireshark and more:
One of the major changes in Qt 5.11 which can cause build failures is the
removal of the long deprecated qt5_use_modules cmake macro. If you spot such
failures, contact the relevant upstream.

From today the published KDE Unstable repositories use the recently-released
first release candidate of Qt 5.11. All the packages in
KDE:Unstable:Frameworks and KDE:Unstable:Applications build correctly, but
there might be some fallout in KDE:Unstable:Extra (upstream has been contacted
about these issues).
This also means that the Krypton live image has been using Qt 5.11 RC as well:
initial tests by openQA[1] have shown no major problems.

If you are testing KDE:Unstable and find issues, please file relevant bugs
upstream so they can be investigated.

[1] https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/overview?distri=opensuse&groupid=23 - no
X11 failures, and the one in Wayland is unrelated to this change.

Luca Beltrame - KDE Forums team
KDE Science supporter
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