Problem with snd_usb_audio headset under OpenSuSE 10.0

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Problem with snd_usb_audio headset under OpenSuSE 10.0


I have a Logitech USB headset (Model 97078, aka PlayStation 2 Headset). When I
use alsamixer to control it, I get controls for both the earpiece and the

I would like to use the headset with Skype, but:

Skype won't let me choose a second sound card and in KDE's kmix, I don't get
to see the second sound card at all. When using KAMix instead, I can choose
between soundcards, but for the headset I only get a single volume controller
for the microphone (control for the earpiece is missing).

Can anyone tell me how I can fix this problem? If not: Can somebody at least
point me to the right forum? I assume that it's not a problem with ALSA,
because their own set of tools (e.g. alsamixer) works fine.


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