Possible UI enhancements for Weblate?

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Possible UI enhancements for Weblate?

Vojtěch Zeisek-2
when I go to Weblate dashboard, I see table listing projects and percentages
of their translation (several columns).
In top-right corner of the table, there is little icon allowing to set which
columns I wish to see. When I log in, all except "untranslated" are checked. I
use to check also this last column, because I wish to see all statistics. But
next time I go to the dashboard, Weblate does not remember this choice and I
must set it again. Is it possible to somehow save this settings?
I have all openSUSE projects on the dashboard. When I scroll down, he header
disappears. Is it possible to have the table with sticky header? So that the
header would be visible even if I scroll down?
These would be small, but nice improvements. Does anyone else has such
requirements? If we agree on them, we could create a polite request on the
GitHub. More users willing so would be a nice argument for kind developers.

Vojtěch Zeisek

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