Please do not use otherproviders() anymore

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Please do not use otherproviders() anymore

Michael Schroeder-4

Hi Packagers,

I was asked to clarify if/when "Conflicts: otherproviders(...)"
has to be used. The answer is that it should not be used at all
anymore. Upstream rpm allows self-conflicts since the year 2011
(commit b9f5062c227f4a8feff83c0ee1cde2929da7cd3e), it is included
in SLES-12 (rpm-4.11.2) but not SLES-11 (rpm-

So if you're not targeting SLES-11 it's safe to use a real
self-conflict instead of that ugly otherproviders() workaround.
The advantage is that rpm will also understand it and not just


Michael Schroeder                                   [hidden email]
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