OpenSuSE 10: Firewire hdd not working

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OpenSuSE 10: Firewire hdd not working



I'm having trouble getting a standard FireWire Harddisk to work with OpenSuSE
10.0. When I plug the disk in absolutely nothing happens (not even a single
notification in dmesg). I made sure that all the required modules are loaded:
ohci1394 and sbp2. Maybe I should add that USB harddisks work just fine: when
I plug them in, a KDE dialog pops up telling me that a new disk is available.

I wanted to make sure that my Firewire hardware is actually ok and tested the
same harddisk on the same computer with knoppix 4.0.2. It found the disk

Can anyone here give me a pointer to what I should try to get the disk to work
under OpenSUSE?


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