Open Build Service version 2.7 released

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Open Build Service version 2.7 released

Henne Vogelsang-2
We are happy to announce the availability of the Open Build Service
Version 2.7! Three large features around the topic of integrating
external resources made it into this release. We worked on automatic
tracking of moving repositories of development versions like Fedora
Rawhide, distribution updates or rolling Linux releases like Arch. A
change to the OBS git integration to enable developers to work on
continuous builds. And last but not least an experimental KIWI import
that can be used to easily migrate your images from SUSE studio.

Our awesome community has been busy with this release. Since OBS 2.6
there have been over 2000 commits, changing over a 1.000 files with
nearly 9.000 additions and 16.000 deletions!

Additional to these three main features OBS 2.7 brings a lot of smaller,
more isolated features. The OBS backend now has support for the
simpleimage format to produce simple rootfs or squashfs images and can
build packages in the collax format, which is a variation of deb.
Additionally it supports build time source services that get executed
before the package build tool (eg. rpm-build).

The OBS frontend makes it possible to enforce removal of projects with
dependencies, restricts superseding requests to the same source project
and allows to pick only certain requests to supersede.

If you are interested in more details check out the 2.7 Release Notes.
It is also recommended to read these before updating your OBS instance!

Try OBS 2.7
The latest OBS version version is always deployed to our reference
server. You can try it out there.

The reference server is available for all open
source developers to build packages for the most popular distributions
including openSUSE, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, Red Hat Enterprise
Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise. It is also used to build, release and
maintain the openSUSE distribution.

Install 2.7
Please read our setup instructions or better yet, use our appliance

WARNING: OBS 2.7 will be the last release supporting SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server 11 as base operating system.

Update to 2.7
If you already have a running OBS installation and want to update it,
please read also the README.UPDATERS file about the necessary steps.

OBS Appliance users who have setup their LVM according to our
documentation can just replace their appliance image without data loss.
The migration will happen automatically.

About the Open Build Service
The Open Build Service (OBS) is a generic system to build and distribute
binary packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and
reproducible way. You can release packages as well as updates, add-ons,
appliances and entire distributions for a wide range of operating
systems and hardware architectures.

It is developed by a talented team of developers as Free Software and is
used by many Free and Open Source software projects, companies and
researchers. Including but not limited to SUSE the original provider of
the enterprise Linux distribution, the Tizen standards-based software
platform supported by leading mobile operators and ownCloud your secure
enterprise file sync and share.

We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback!

💚 Your Open Build Service Team

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