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Open Build Service Brings Website Integration

Jos Poortvliet-5
We're proud to announce that the Open Build Service, a system to
collaboratively build and easily distribute packages for a wide variety of
operating systems and platforms, has introduced the ability to integrate the
intelligent OBS 'download package' page into websites. This is useful for
projects who want to offer their users easy access to downloads for a wide
variety of Linux (and non-linux) systems. Moreover, the Open Build Service
2.3 Release Candidate is out and the final release is near.

Integration in Websites
The Open Build Service installation provided by openSUSE keeps growing. The
number of packages is now well over 170.000, with more than 32.000
developers using either for personal use, to provide
packages for one or more Linux distributions publicly or to contribute to
openSUSE. Many projects depend on the public OBS or their own, internal Open
Build Service to get software to their users. Right now, developers need to
move the packages from OBS to a place where they are easy to download, or
point users to the repository. The project page on OBS usually provides a
'download' button but this page is clearly not designed for end users.

We decided to do better and now provide a download page which can be
properly integrated in any website. It offers several layers of integration,
starting with a convenient multi-distribution download page one can link to
or an iframe which can be included in a web page; to PHP and html objects
one can use to really offer deep integration. New is also the option to also
provide Appliances this way so those building OS images on OBS can provide
access to them directly via the same interface.

In Action
The full functionality including the downloading of Appliances can be seen
on the website which got a major redesign. David Rosca
from the Qupzilla project, who was the first external developer to integrate
OBS into his website, noted that it took only minutes to implement and told
us: "It saves interested users an extra click to install the application and
looks better at the same time."

Upcoming OBS 2.3 release
Besides this new functionality which is already available on, the upcoming OBS 2.3 release comes with many new
features. The 2.3 release candidate was recently made available and the final
release is expected within 2-3 weeks.

The main features for the 2.3 release of the Open Build Service are the
introduction of full product maintenance handling in OBS, offering all the
tools required for the maintanance of a full Linux distribution. A second
major feature is the ability to set projects upon creation to be private,
closing off source and binary access from anyone not part of the project. The
2.3 release also fixes a vulnerability for XSS attacks.

Other new features including tracking of bugzilla or CVE issues, web
interface improvements, API improvements and a new dispatcher improving the
build times for crucial projects.

About the Open Build Service
The Open Build Service (OBS) is a generic system to build and distribute
binary packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible
way. It can release packages as well as updates, add-ons, appliances and
entire distributions for a wide range of operating systems and hardware
architectures. The OBS, through it’s project model, has collaboration build
in and will help users to harness the power of the open source development
model. Learn more at

About openSUSE
The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux
everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's most popular Linux
distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner
as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community. For more
information, visit

The Open Build Service:
How-to on integrating the download page in a site
Example of a download page on OBS:
integration in download site of Qupzilla:
OBS 2.3 RC1 release announcement:
OBS 2.3 release notes:

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