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Online Update Config Errors and then ...

Mike Dewhirst-3
Here is a partial report of my experience installing SuSE 10.1

1. This was a clean install.

2. I noted during the install when I received a name lookup timeout
error when it asked me to (I think) register my SuSE 10.1 with Novell
for online updates and accordingly I responded "Later" ... I copied from
the screen because it seemed important at the time "After running Online
Update Configuration run rug refresh as root from the command line"

3. I had some screen resolution issues and have now dropped back to 1024
x 768 until I can figure out how to get 1152 x 864

4. In Yast I found Online Update Configuration and got the same name
lookup timeout error two more times. Went to put the kettle on and left
it trying again. Came back to the desk and it had successfully set me up
with a mirror for updates.

5. Ran the rug refresh as per my handwritten reminder and it did its
thang OK.

6. Opened Yast Online Update and saw a blank screen and sat for a while
and meditated on the blankness. Then I noticed the [Back], [Cancel] and
[Finish] buttons were enabled. This seemed strange. I knew I hadn't
touched anything. Following some weird impulse I decided to cllick
[Back] to see if I had missed something. It suddenly started downloading
patches. I saved the session proceedings to a text file if anyone is

7. I clicked [Finish] and it wrote the configuration settings to
wherever it thought was appropriate.

That's it for now.

My next objective is to set up a samba share so I can transfer stuff
between machines. I'm off to find docs.


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