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Odp: [opensuse-wiki] All openSUSE wikis updated and moved home

Patryk Zera
Awesome! Thank you very much Christian.

Patryk Zera

19.7.17 (Śr), Christian Boltz <[hidden email]> napisał(a):

 Temat: [opensuse-wiki] All openSUSE wikis updated and moved home
 Do: [hidden email]
 DW: [hidden email], [hidden email]
 Data: 19 Lipiec 2017 (Środa), 0:04
 Dear openSUSE Community,
 sometimes plans change while you are
 working on them ;-)
 The plan for yesterday evening was to
 move and update some of the
 localized wikis. Things worked better
 and faster than expected, and in
 the end we moved *all 18 localized
 wikis* from Provo to Nuremberg and
 updated them to MediaWiki 1.27 :-)
 This means *all* openSUSE wikis are now
 running on MediaWiki 1.27 and
 support the features announced for the
 english wiki last week [1].
 I didn't have time to change the
 <feed> tags to the new <rss> tags in
 all wikis yet. I'll do that in the next
 days, but I won't complain if
 someone is faster and does it in some
 of the wikis ;-)
 (use the search to find pages
 containing "<feed", and check
 https://en.opensuse.org/Help:RSS_feeds for the
 <rss> syntax)
 For those who are interested in
 - moving 18 wikis in about 6 hours
 means about 20 minutes per wiki - can
   someone beat this? ;-)
 - during the move, we wrote about 500
 lines on IRC to coordinate
 - this helped to keep the read-only
 time of each wiki short - I'd guess
   on average each wiki was
 read-only for 30 minutes (again, can someone
   beat this? ;-)
 - we moved about 10 GB of uploaded
 files and 1.6 GB of mysql dumps
   from Provo to Nuremberg
 yesterday (which was sometimes "funny" because
   the server in Provo limits the
 connection to 10 MBit)
 And now - have fun with the updated
 wikis and the upcoming openSUSE
 Leap 42.3!
 Christian Boltz
 [1] https://news.opensuse.org/2017/07/10/english-opensuse-wiki-will-be-updated-and-moved-home/
 The only reason coders' computers work
 better than non-coders'
 computers is coders know computers are
 schizophrenic little children
 with auto-immune diseases and we don't
 beat them when they're bad.
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