No sound in recordings made with Kalva

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No sound in recordings made with Kalva

Kenneth Aar,

I have two problems with Kalva:

First: It plays back sound while recording (now this isn't a showstopper)
Second: It doesn't record the sound so all I get are silent movies...

I found this post on the forum where the
Kalva downloads are hosted.:

[ Bug #7930 ] aumix options not correctly
Date: 2006-Jun-19 09:21
Submitted By: ralphmw    
Summary: aumix options not correctly

Original Submission:
no matter what i enter in the audio hardware tab, kalva always uses
/usr/bin/aumix -l 0 -l R -i 75 to open sound.
instead it should be something like /usr/bin/aumix -l 0 -i R -i 75 in my

Kalva: 0.8.79
KDE: 3.5.3
Linux: SuSE Linux 10.1 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Best regards,

However, manually applying this fix  doesn't help with my sound problem.
Except now the sound doesn't playback during recording.

Any help appreciated,

-- Regards Kenneth Aar